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Solar Credits & How They Work

Agent Assisted STC Refunds

Your SGU is entitled to a number of STCs. An STC agent (usually an SGU retailer) will offer you a financial benefit such as an up-front discount or delayed cash payment when you assign your STCs to them.  This means you do not have to register and manage the STCs yourself, which simplifies the process for you.  Most retailers and some installers of SGUs will be registered to act as STC agents. 

Agents list different prices and payment processes for STCs. After buying the STCs from you the agent will register your STCs and usually bundle them with other SGU and SWH STCs for sale and transfer in the REC Registry or STC Clearing House.

Marsol Ind is an Authorised STC Buy Back Agent

To claim your rebate, you can assign your STC's to Marsol and we will handle all of the paperwork for you. STC Rebate will be calculated by Marsol Ind. at time of sale and will incur an STC creation fee of $1 per STC and $49.95 (inc GST) application submission.

Click here to Download STC Assignment Application 

More Information

STC Agent

Calculate Your Solar STC Rebate

Visit the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER) 

Sell Your STC's to Marsol Ind

More information on STC's PDF Download

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sustainability   renewable energy eco friendly energy efficiency clean energy alternative energy solar power green homes



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